3Story is our living operating system in Youth for Christ,

and we love to share it with the local church. It is a biblical way of seeing how our relationships with God and other people can be connected and grown so that our friends come to know Jesus. This is not a new evangelism tool or method. Instead it is a framework that helps followers of Christ be good news while telling stories of the good news. If we seek to abide deeply with Jesus everyday and stay saturated in His word, we will be ready and aware of the opportunities He gives us in a lost world. We focus on the “being” and everything else-- the “doing” and the "sharing"-- flows from there.

As we abide in Christ, faith sharing naturally happens.
3Story is...

  • Stories, more than steps.
  • Honesty, more than perfection.
  • Them, more than me.
  • Listening, more than telling.
  • Hope, more than judgment.
  • Holy Spirit, more than a program.
  • Contributing, more than controlling.